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April 15, 1998

This posting will serve three purposes -- (1) give an update of L.E.S. activity; (2) display the new L.E.S. transfer sheets; and (3) provide to each L.E.S. member a sample transfer for one model.

At the present, there are approximately 60 flight achievement vouchers being worked in 25 states plus England, Scotland, and Argentina. The L.E.S. has received good coverage in the press. Members can show their support in letters to the modeling press and by displaying the L.E.S. transfers prominently on models, flight boxes, etc.

Members should continue working on their flight achievement vouchers as this is the surest method of increasing interest and membership.

The new transfers are sky blue with clear backgrounds. This color is likely to be the least dominant color on a model, they look nice against any background, and they are not likely to fade. Mild detergents will not harm them, but paint solvents will. If there are doubts, the sheets have test patches for this purpose.

Each sheet includes different fonts and sizes so the transfers can fit on wings, fuselages, vertical fins, and other modeling objects; the member's achievement level can be added as well.

Click here to see a sample of the transfer sheet.

It is recommended that the transfers be cut with rounded corners to discourage peeling. With the model covering well tightened, cut the transfer to size and peel back one corner without touching the adhesive side with fingers and leaving dirty smudges.

With scissors, cut the paper backing from this corner so the transfer still has all paper backing except for a 1/2-inch area or so at one corner.

The transfer can now be positioned on the model. When satisfied with the alignment, press the exposed adhesive corner against the model. There should be no compound curves under the transfer.

The transfer, with the paper backing, is now hinged up so the cut edge of the backing can be separated from the transfer by rubbing the top of the transfer with a finger, pressing the separated portion of the transfer against the model surface. The paper backing will continue to be forced free of the transfer.

This way there will be no bubbles, ridges, or finger prints, and the transfer will be securely attached where desired.

The transfer sheets, available to L.E.S. members only, can be ordered (at cost) from the above address for $6.00 per complete 8.5"xll" sheet. Checks are to be made out to Ken Cashion -- or postage stamps can be sent instead.


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