This is to introduce the League for Electric Soaring (L.E.S.), a program which began development in early 1992 and now represents the consensus of many electric duration fliers.  To stay current, it was modified in June, 2013 to use altitude limiting devices.  (Details)  

The L.E.S. is a no-dues organization of model fliers who are participating in the L.E.S. Flight Achievement Program. Those familiar with the League of Silent Flight's highly successful flight achievement program will see a definite parallel in these programs; this is by design.

First, "L.E.S." is not pronounced like a person's name, "Les," but rather, each letter is pronounced -- "L-E-S."

There are three parts to the L.E.S.

  1. The heart of the L.E.S. is the Flight Achievement Program.
  2. The criteria of the program are the Flight Achievement Regulations.
  3. The record of achievements is the Flight Achievement Voucher

There are multiple levels of achievement which can be earned in the Flight Achievement Program.

Each level requires that certain flight tasks be completed. Consequently, the Flight Achievement Program gives importance to every flying day, because on almost every flight relevant tasks can be attempted.

This effort will improve landing proficiency and duration flight times. Those who compete will see their competition scores improving, as well.

How does one participate in the L.E.S. Program?

An interested flier sends a note to the L.E.S. Recorder, 157 Tennyson Cove, Picayune, MS - 39466, and stating that he or she understands the aims of the L.E.S. Flight Achievement Program and would like to participate.

A Level I Flight Achievement Voucher will be sent and that flier's name will be entered into the L.E.S. database as an aspirant.  An alternative method would be to download the Level I Flight Achievement Voucher [same link as above] from this site.

How long does a flier have to achieve any particular level?

As long as necessary; the L.E.S. database remains open.

When the requirements for Level I have been completed, the voucher is returned to the L.E.S. Recorder and a Level II voucher will be sent back with an L.E.S. membership card and number. A wing transfer will be sent, as well. The flier has achieved membership status!

The database will be updated accordingly.

That's it!

It is important that with each mailing to the L.E.S., three, 1st class postal stamps be included -- this keeps the L.E.S. in business.

The L.E.S. is not a Special Interest Group (SIG). SIGs are political by necessity. The L.E.S. is a database of fliers who are participating in the L.E.S. Flight Achievement Program and it is totally apolitical.


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